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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 11.

This lesson is going to be about the new alignment behavior in Adobe Illustrator CS4. Using the alignment behaviors since the banner maker in his job. Vinyl banner production is enhanced when the proper techniques are used. But before I talk about that I like to show you where I got these high-quality pieces of artwork. They ship with Adobe Illustrator actually. And if you go to your symbols palette and then go to the fly out menu right here is a whole library of different banner symbols, the ones I have on screen I got right here under the submenu nature and they are the shark and the ladybug, and so forth. Custom vinyl banner design using the symbols is much easier than using something else. But the point is Adobe Illustrator CS4 ships with these high-quality pieces of artwork. And as a licensed user of Adobe Illustrator CS4 you get full access to this artwork to utilize in your vinyl banner designs. Whether you're producing party banners or school banners the results are the same high quality production with the best software in the business. Custom banner design in Adobe Illustrator CS4 I think you'll find very helpful. Now look at this, let me zoom in here on the shark's tale and let me show you just how good this is. What this is is a gradient mesh.

Banner Maker and Using Alignment Tools in Banner Design

Now you can tell someone really knew what they were doing if they created a gradient mesh. What a gradient mesh is, every one of these points here has its own color assigned to, same as this vinyl banner. The gradient is applied between the different stops in the mesh. Let me show you here, I'll select one of these points and you can see this is the color assigned to that point but if I go over here we have a different color assigned. Vinyl banner design requires many different colors, and a full color palette to accomplish your goals. Cheap banners are easy to make if you follow these simple rules. They can see with this color how the blend creates a mesh between these points. Now considering that can really make some high quality artwork for your banners. In other words learn how to use gradient meshes you'll be happy. Now, back to the actual lesson at hand. The alignment behavior is actually the same, but there is a new indication of it. Let me select all of these objects here, and let's say I want to align the rest with the top of this, what I will call a "key object". So then in the case of this vinyl banner after I select all the objects that I want to align I will click once on this banner and thereby designate the key object. See now that I clicked on it to key object highlights in blue. Now then just go here, up to the command bar and push this button right here to align their tops. That's how you align vinyl banners by using key objects. That's actually no different and the way it was before. But now we have a much better indication of what the key object is for our vinyl banner.

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