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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 9.

Now folks, for the most annoying feature in Adobe Illustrator CS4. And while it may be annoying while you're designing vinyl banners online or in the Adobe software you might find it to be useful. That's because Smart guides are the perfect tool for the individual who is bent on designing the perfect full color custom vinyl banner. Remember whether you're designing birthday banners, church banners, or any other sort of full color vinyl banner you can't go wrong if you're using Smart guides. And that is The New Smart Guides. But what can I say annoying yes, but helpful definitely. And you can always turn it off just take control "U" on the vinyl banner. Yes, see they are off now.

Banner Maker and Using Smart Guides in Banner Design

They come defaulted on, that's a change from the previous software which came defaulted to the off position. Making it more difficult to design your vinyl banner online. Okay, so what will these guides do? Well to talk about that let's go to the preferences palette, right here and select "Smart Guides" Now you can see all the options for the Banner Maker. And while this may delay the final production of your party banner don't despair you can always revert back to your old methodology which will assist in conquering the problem and. Vinyl banners designed this way are much more effective. This will give you an idea of all the capabilities of this feature. What it does is draw lines for you from any anchor point, cut. All right, you know what folks I've decided not to talk about Smart Guides I mean really there just to self-explanatory for me to waste your time, just remember if they start to annoy you too much just hit control "U" on the keyboard

end of video transcript
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