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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 8.

This lesson is about the new gradient features in Adobe Illustrator CS4 in conjunction with vinyl banners. And to talk about that I have created this custom vinyl banner, it's a welcome sign and I created two gradients one a radial gradient of this I guess you'd call it like a peacock structure or something and the other a linear gradient which I applied to this vinyl banner here which you can see. If we go to the layers palette and turn off some of these layers it will isolate this banner's background layer and give us a chance to talk about it in some detail. Let me open up the gradient palette of this school banner and you'll see what we've always seen in Adobe Illustrator and that's the gradient slider with the color stops. Also, the midway points with the color stops. Banner advertising requirements Also the angle of the gradient and the type of gradient those are all the same what's different is this drop-down menu right here which lets you select any vinyl banner of gradient that's in your swatches palette, let me show you this while I'm at it, you can show just the radial gradients if you like. You can select any of your custom vinyl banner gradient swatches now directly from the gradient palette, let me show you, okay. But now let me show you the best banner folks and that is the ability to effectively put this vinyl banner gradient slider into your document. To do that all you do is click on your gradient tool and there is.

Banner Maker and Creating Gradients in Banner Design

Now it is so much easier to edit your banners gradient it's unbelievable just get close to it and you can see up pops your gradient slider. Banner Makers can still make any edits you want to your birthday banner, for instance let's get rid of this color stop right here, let's modify the position of this banner, let's change the color of this vinyl banner by double-clicking on it that opens up the swatches and or color palette, you can modify the color directly from here. You can also modify, and let me zoom out for this, the position of the outdoor banner, the length of the vinyl banner, you can modify the angle of the gradient. See as you get close to the gradient tool you get this little twirly right here, with that you can change the angle of the banner and you can see the angle update in your gradient palette the other thing you can do is modify the opacity of a vinyl banner from right here, and I'm going to show you that coming up right now. Let me first revert the vinyl banners back to its original state. All right, let's go to the layers palette again and shut off some of these layers and let's shut off this clipping mask right here so that you can see the whole of the peacock's tail right here. Then let's open up the custom full-color banner gradient palette, first selected, now you can see these two color stops the banner maker uses, and you can see they are really the same color but this one, this one right here, you can see this little nub. This little nub indicates that I have applied and opacity adjustment to this full-color banner. If I get the gradient tool you'll see it repeated right here, and this is it right here, this is the one that has an opacity adjustment applied to it. You can see that little nub again right here. Let me double-click on this vinyl banner it and you can see you can adjust the opacity from right here, right from the gradient tool. It's really, really handy. Some of the other things you can do are, adjust the angle, you can adjust the ovalness, you can also still adjust the size and where the gradient stops fall. So there you have it folks in a nutshell the new gradient features of Adobe Illustrator CS4.

end of video transcript
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