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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 7.

This lesson is going to be about the Blob Brush, the new vinyl banner brush in Adobe Illustrator CS4. Blob Brush demonstration. To demonstrate the Blob Brush and its effect on custom banners, first I'd like to talk about the old paintbrush tool right here. Let me just go ahead and draw a brush stroke in this banner, and if I go to the outline mode you can see that what I'm doing is just drawing one open path. If we go to the layers palette you can see it right here it has drawn one path in this banner graphic a single open path but look right here you can see this meatball which indicates it has an effect applied to it and if you look right here you can see that effect is "Marker-Rough".

Banner Maker and using the Blob Brush in Banner Design

Now let's contrast that with the new Blob Brush in Adobe Illustrator CS4. A Banner Maker designing this vinyl banner Let me first go back to the preview mode and let me do the same thing with the Blob Brush. Now what this brush does is it draws close paths. Let me show you, it draws a single closed path. If you make another brushstroke with it, if you intersect that path at all it uses Pathfinder operations to combine those paths let me show you, there. Now this vinyl banner as it to. Even to the extent that it will make compound paths if it has to, you can see it right here in the layers palette. So now then, what's the benefit of this brush? Well let me show you. Now, you can easily draw barrel cactuses, and other cactus like illustrations all in one easy step.

end of video transcript
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