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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 6.

In the last lesson we began a discussion on the improvements to the isolation mode in Adobe Illustrator CS4. For the benefit of those not familiar with the isolation mode is one of the greatest tools available to the graphic designer allowing him or her to produce full color custom made vinyl banners very quickly. I would just like to expand on that now. What the isolation mode does in the broadest sense is just that, it allows you to isolate bits of artwork from the rest of the banner so you can work on them separately without the fear of selecting an object or part of an object that you don't want to modify. Let me use this as an example. Let me zoom in here and you can see this vinyl banners path that's kind of hanging out. Let us say for instance that I want to get rid of this banners path. There were ways to do it previously of course, for instance, the group selection tool, but since this lesson is about the isolation mode let's ignore the group selection tool for now. Let me double-click on this little piece of vinyl banners artwork and now we've entered the isolation mode. Let's go to the layers palette and you can see what I'm talking about. Now you can see we are in the isolation mode and we have isolated this group inside of this custom banner.

Banner Maker and how to use the Isolation Mode in Banner Design

Okay, and that's the group that contains this little piece of artwork. If you look up here Adobe Illustrator now provides you with what they call "breadcrumbs" that shows you exactly where a banner maker is in this group. Now we can drill down further and further into this banner maker group just by double-clicking, you see we've gone deeper now, let's continue to do that until we drill all the way down to the individual vinyl banner design path that we want to modify. We just want to delete this path, we don't want it encroaching on this portion of our banners artwork, I'm not sure how it got here but were going to delete it. With this path selected simply hit the delete key and there you go we've fixed this vinyl banners. Now let's hit the escape key, we will leave the isolation mode, let me zoom out, and you'll see that everything is fine. The real benefit here folks is workflow. What the isolation mode allows you to do is to keep working inside of your digital banner document without having to switch back and forth to different tools all the time, making the banner maker's job much easier, going to the layers palette locking and unlocking layers and so on and so forth. It allows you to keep your hands on the selection tool and to continue to work inside of the document window which speeds up your workflow tremendously.

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