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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 5

Alright folks I would now like to turn our attention to clipping masks and how they apply to the creation of custom vinyl banners, and the new behaviors thereof in Adobe Illustrator CS4. And to do so I have regurgitated this old document, anyone who saw my tutorial on clipping masks for banners in Adobe Illustrator CS3 will recognize it. And in fact I've opened it in Adobe Illustrator CS3, so I can demonstrate the way clipping masks used to behave. Let me go to the outline mode for just a second and you can see what is going on behind the scenes in this vinyl banner. What we have here is a very large flag masked out by some text, this patriot text here. The problem with the way it used to behave is this. Let's say I wanted to work on this church banner background layer and change the color of this grey background to some other color. I could not selected it directly by just clicking on what I would be doing is selecting the flag inside of that clipping group and that's because this clipping group layer is above the background layer of the vinyl banner. There were ways around it in the past and that would involve going to the layers palette, then locking and unlocking banner layers, and you could find yourself doing that all day long, it was just too time-consuming when trying to create a custom designed banner. You could also select the flag and hit control 2, that was probably the easiest way to do it. But now everything has gotten much easier in Adobe Illustrator CS4. Let me jump over to CS4.

Banner Maker clipping masks and Banner Design

Okay same banner new software let me open the layers palette and show you this can see on this banner design nothing is locked yet when a Banner Maker clicks on the background layer he is actually selecting the banner background layer as you can see right here and I'm not selecting the flag from this clipping group. In order to do that in the new software what you have to do is actually entered the isolation mode and you do that by double-clicking anywhere on this custom banner group right here, there, now we are in the isolation mode and friends the isolation mode in Adobe Illustrator CS4 has taken a big jump forward, in the creation of vinyl banners. I think you'll find that completely changes your workflow. It's that powerful. But anyway now we are in the isolation and to select that flag I simply have to click anywhere on that flag and now I have selected it and I can go about modifying its banner properties. Also, we can drill down deeper and deeper into this banner while in the isolation mode simply by double-clicking. We can actually drill down all the way to the individual vinyl banner paths that make up this object. So then you'll find yourself spending a lot less time in the layers palette and a lot more time actually working inside the document window. Let me exit the isolation mode simply by double-clicking anywhere in the document window. We will have a more in-depth lesson on the isolation mode in the very next movie. Another reason why creating custom made vinyl banners is best done in professional level software.

end of video transcript
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