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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 4.

Okay folks, since we just got finished talking about appearances it's appropriate that we now discuss graphic styles, and how they apply to the creation of vinyl banners, after all what are graphic styles but a collection of appearances. What I want to do is move this fly out menu over here so you can get a better look at it as we work on this vinyl banner. Now let me go ahead and select the rocket text that we worked on in the last lesson. Let's take a look at the appearances we applied to it to refresh our memories, now what I want to do is take these appearances and turn it into a graphic style for our birthday banner, so we can use it over and over again. In Adobe Illustrator CS4 that becomes a very simple task. All you've got to do is grab this little chip right here and drag it over to the graphic styles tab, this tab is spring-loaded so will pop out like you see here then simply drag that chip down here amongst the other graphic styles and release. Now that has become its own graphic style everything that makes up this text right here is now its own graphic style and we can apply it to whatever vinyl banner we want. Let me show you how to do that. Now I have this little bit of text typed out in advance all you do is select the graphic style and drag it onto this text alternatively, you can select the text and then go up to the graphic styles menu and click on the appropriate style. But now look at this another feature in the new software before you apply the graphic style to your banner sign if you just hover over it and then hold down the right mouse button to get a little preview, how about that? The other thing you can do is turn all of your banner previews into a text preview the me show you how that's done, there how's that? Now folks, let me show you this, first let me go ahead and apply this graphic style, now I want to show you a number trick that CS4 introduced. It used to be in previous versions of Adobe Illustrator once you had a graphic style selected any other graphic style that you clicked on simply replaced the old graphic style.

Banner Maker Graphic Styles and Your Banner Design

Now however, you have the option of stacking graphic styles for each of vinyl banner one on top of the other and you do that simply by alt clicking, let me show you. As banner makers can see it still has this graphic style applied to it but it also stacked this graphic style on top of. Let me show you what that graphic style contains and we can do that by simply going to the appearances palette and with this object selected the appearance palette will show you all of the attributes now applied. Printed banners are very simply replicated by this procedure. As banner makers will recall these vinyl banner appearances up here are part of the graphic style but we applied before, now banner makers can simply stacked his new graphic styles as well. And this outdoor banner looks pretty good, I just did it at random but let's zoom in and take a closer look, nice. You can see it added two strokes, one this light beige, and a number this darker beige. Look at this beige text here on this vinyl banner, it has a transform effect applied to it let's open that up and take a look, see what they're doing is offsetting that stroke 1 point horizontally, and 1 point vertically. You can see that's what gives this banner it's bit of perspective here, it really looks pretty good. So then, now if you like this entire set of appearances you can create a whole new graphic style as previously shown. Let me show you again, for this custom banner go to the appearances palette, grab this little chip right here, and drag it to the graphic styles palette, and release. Quite wonderful isn't it? As you can see you can take your banner advertising to the next level with a few of these wonderful techniques.

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