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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 3.

Alright folks let's talk about the appearance palette and how to design vinyl banners. The Appearance Palette has become much more relevant in this version of Adobe Illustrator. So much so that it will be the first place you come to make changes to any of the attributes in your artwork. Let me show you what I'm talking about. First, let me get the type tool and type out a little bit of text on the banner. With that text selected let's go to the appearance palette, the first thing I want to do is add a stroke to this vinyl banner, and I'm going to make it a grey stroke, I'm going to make it 2 points, now you'll notice you can do everything right here in the appearance palette that you used to do up here in the command bar. You can even open the stroke palette right here, and create full-color custom banners right from the appearance palette, it's very handy. Next thing I want to do is take this fill them change it to this more of a rich black, all right, next thing I want to do is add yet another stroke and to do that let me zoom in here to get a closer look at that grey stroke, but hang on just a second, before I do that I want to move this stroke inboard a little bit and to do that I'm going to use an effect called offset path from vinyl banner. It used to be that you would have to go to the effects menu up here but now with this new software the vinyl banner effects menu is repeated right here in the appearance palette. Let me select this stroke first of all because I don't want to really offset the path I want to offset the stroke of that path. So by highlighting stroke and then going to the effects menu right here and selecting path, offset path, I will actually be offsetting the stroke making it easy to adjust your vinyl banner. Now I want to move my stroke inboard so I'm going to use and negative number, in this case -2 to accomplish it. Let's preview this, that looks good so I'm going to accept that. Now the next thing I want to do, is add yet another stroke, okay this button right here, this stroke I want to be white and I also want to move that stroke inboard, now a handy trick to do that is to open up your other stroke here, which already has that effect applied highlight that effect then hold down the alt key and drag it to the new layer, meaning the new stroke. Creating full-color custom banners is easier this way. Now however, we have to adjust that stroke. But we can easily do it right here in the appearance palette folks. Click right here where it says "offset path" and let's bring this stroke in 4 points. Let's preview it, perfect. Look at this birthday banner, that was easy. Now I have two strokes, one offset 4 points in, the other offset 2 points in. We're making progress. The next thing I want to do is add a drop shadow to our banner design, once again we do that right here in the appearance palette. I want to add it to the entire type layer, so highlight Type, now go to the effects menu again, stylize, drop shadow, let's preview it, and you can adjust its attributes, you know, let's say you wanted a little larger, just move the slider, or if you want to change the size of the blur let's say to 3 points we just move the slider and that's it. Now let's zoom out and see how that looks, I like it. Vinyl banner design takes a new leap forward with this tool. Let's zoom back in, now we're going to add one more effect, select fill in go down to the effects menu then go to stylize and let's add a inner glow. Now let's preview it, that looks good. We can zoom in a little bit and see how it looks. One of the great things about the appearance palette folks is you can turn things on and off and easily evaluate your different banner effects that way for instant, let's twirl this open and turn the inner glow off, now turn it back on by doing this and see which way you like it better. Now the last thing I'd like to show you is this. Duplicate this whole layer by holding down the alt key and dragging that duplicates the entire vinyl banner layer and now you can change some of the attributes and compare them side by side decide which one you like better. What I'm going to do is I'm going to make this fill a dark blue, now you can see the two separate designs side-by-side and choose which vinyl banner you like better I in the sign business. Let me zoom out here. This is a graphic that I made for Harmon Fire Extinguisher Company.

Banner Maker and using the Appearance Palette to enhance Banner Design

Anyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who needs fire extinguisher service can call this number, this is a real number, Damon Harmon will be happy to take care of you, tell them Steve sent you. Oh, I wanted to show you something else this text that I was working on this is still all live text. So a banner maker can edit this text and it will still retain all of the attributes and effects that you have created. That way your vinyl banner will retain all design capabilities. See? Anyway you get the idea. Now what this is is a vehicle graphics but I made, as I said for Harmon Fire Extinguisher Company and the grey background is just a simulated tint window let me turn that off and show you what's going on here, all right now the rest of this graphic banner makers will see here, now these magenta lines are really just cut paths for custom vinyl banners. So these are going to be white letters after they are cut out. This magenta line, well here let me show you, let me go to the swatches palette and see his magenta color is really a banner spot color and it's named "CutContour" these magenta lines will not print, they are just here to tell my printer to make a die cut where these lines are. So we're going to be left with white letters and a cut out of this clipping group here. Let me show you, in the banner layers palette here you go. Let me turn this off and you can see what we have here is since JPEG image of fire and this mask from the text banner "FIRE" them together and you have this nice effect. Now what the rest of this lesson is about showing you how to offset vinyl banners from this cut in from the edge of the graphic to give you a nice bleed to let me demonstrate that with this fire extinguisher. You can see we have the cut path here but we have not applied the effect yet, the same effect we used before. Let me select that and the best place to selecting things folks is usually from the banner layers palette. Banner Makers You've really got to learn how to use the layers palette to be effective in designing outdoor banners see if got all the cut lines for this fire extinguisher on their own layer so I can just select the lines and very simply, as you learned earlier in the lesson regarding printable banners, just go here and let's offset this path -1 point. Let's preview that it looks good and there you have it. Now after my printer prints that it's going to go back and cut out this graphic at this magenta line which is offset in one point so that's a give us a real nice bleed.

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