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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 2.

Okay good afternoon folks, now I want to show you one of the most highly appreciated features of the new software in the design of vinyl banners, and it is the ability to create up to 100 art boards in a given document. For me being in the sign and custom banner business this is a real great feature, it's something that I just love. Why? Well let me tell you. In the banner advertising business we often get multiple orders of the same sign with just minute changes between them. The banners are the same size there could be just a simple change in a part of the text, or something like that. Now with multiple art boards you can create a multipage PDF proof that's just beautiful. Watch. Okay, let me get the art board tool that's going to allow me to select the only art board that I have in this document so far then, making sure we have all of the banner artwork selected we click and drag while holding down the alt key thereby duplicating all the artwork as well as creating a new art board all at the same time. Now let me do that a couple more times and there is the four-part boards that I want which will make up to double sided signs and vinyl banners.

Banner Makers utilize Multiple Artboards to enhance Banner Design

Now I just have to make the changes. This is going to be side one of sign A, this is going to be side to of banner A. This will be banner B, side one, this will be banner sign B, side two. Now we will go ahead and proceed with the changes, this is all just for demonstration folks I would not make such ridiculous vinyl banners in the real world. Okay, now these are the for vinyl banners that banner makers are actually going to print, now look how easy it is to get a multipage PDF proof to your client. We're going to go file, print. We're going to make sure Adobe PDF is selected in the print box, we're going to make sure we have "all" selected here to make sure it prints all of the banner design. Just hit print now and it will create a multipage PDF file, each page being a separate vinyl banner from the document. Now this PDF can easily e-mail to your client, just like that. Banner Makers don't have to duplicate art boards folks. If you want you can start from the beginning of your design with four separate custom banners and work from there. I personally prefer to duplicate the art boards just seems to speed up the process and make our whole job which easier. If I need to I can resize art boards on the fly no problem at all. Normally though I like to try and keep my vinyl banners the same size, as that will give my client the same size pages for him to review, he'll thank you for it. That's it folks I think you'll find that feature to be the greatest new feature in the Adobe illustrator CS4 software.

end of video transcript
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