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Vinyl Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Vinyl Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS4, Chapter 1.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am Steve Potter, Adobe Certified Expert and your guide to the new features of Adobe Illustrator CS4 and how they apply to the custom design of full color vinyl banners. Some of the biggest changes are with the interface, the working environment, and they really help you work more efficiently. Designing banners has never been easier. Let me show you some of these changes. First of all on the menu bar you'll notice the go to bridge button which used to be on the command bar in earlier versions you may remember, well it's right here now, it's always visible see can easily switch tools, which is very handy when you're designing vinyl banners online. This new button here, the arranged documents button allows you to show multiple documents at the same time you could do that before in earlier versions of Adobe Illustrator but it was much more difficult, basically you have to resize a bunch of windows now it's much easier. Let's take a look at the 3-up view here and as you can see I have three open documents each one designing a different vinyl banner. Now in this view you can see just how easy it is to move items between documents. A very handy feature. Now let me go back to the single pane view here and let's take a look at this vinyl banner that I am designing. As you can see we have this "quick and easy button" which makes it easy to switch between different files, or different banner designs.

Banner Makers use Workspaces to enhance their Banner Designs

For quite a while banner makers have been able to save workspaces in Adobe Illustrator now however, they give you this button which allows you to easily switch between workspaces and when designing banners online that is very very handy. Now notice here on the command bar banner makers have a document setup button, what that does is simply saves us a step from going back over to the file menu. As you can see the same applies now to the preferences button, just saves us a step. Now here is an excellent feature it's called tabbed viewing. This allows us to have many documents open at a single time each one containing a different vinyl banner design. Custom banners can easily be modified when designing this way. Now we can simply "tab" between windows quite easily. I could show you that folks, but it's off the screen to the bottom. At any rate great new features in this version of Adobe Illustrator CS 4. Oh, let me show you this folks. We've always been able to separate palette's from the docking station. Now it is become much more simple in this version of Adobe Illustrator. You can see we have this custom banner design featuring many large-scale design elements. It is easy to simply disconnect and re-doc palette as we see fit. Well folks that's it. That is our first chapter into the wonderful new features of Adobe Illustrator CS 4. I hope you enjoyed learning as much as I enjoyed teaching. Remember banner advertising is always best new design is begun in Adobe Illustrator.

end of video transcript
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