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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 12

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 12.

Well that's it ladies and gentlemen should have a good understanding now on how to design Banners in Adobe Illustrator CS3. I was going to show you how to save a printable banner file as a PDF, but I will save that for a number lesson. Now what I want you to do is just save this file, and you do that by going file, then save as, and then name it, we are going to call it "FINAL". Now click on save, and save your Custom Banner. Here is the save as dialog box. Let me explain just a few of the items here in the save as dialog box for Adobe Illustrator CS3. Hopefully you were designing in Adobe Illustrator CS3 because the greatest new feature of the software is its ability to handle transparency. And the banner we just designed is chock-full of transparency. That's right, all these blind modes, opacity masks, clipping masks, they all use transparency to accomplish their mission. So as a banner designer you need to learn this. Embed your profile, if you didn't already assign a profile to your banner you can do so now. Then click on okay. Now let's check out the file, and here it is right here. Look at this file size. This entire banner we just designed is only 700 kB.

Banner Maker Saving Your Banner Design

Now saving your banner design in Adobe Illustrator CS3 produces a very small file size and that's why I love vector graphics. A very small file size gets the job done. Everything in this banner design is a vector graphic. And vector graphics are resolution independent, which means banner makers can scale without losing any detail. Alright that's it I hope you enjoyed this lesson in advanced Adobe Illustrator CS3 and how it applies to designing full color banner graphics. This was some very advanced stuff so if you're a beginner go back and watch all the lessons on banner design as many times as you like after all they're free. We hear At the Rocket Banner Company do not mind sharing our knowledge of Custom Banner design and custom banner graphics with our potential clients, and even our non-clients.


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