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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 11

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 11.

The last thing we need to do in designing this custom banner is add the text "Fireworks". As you should know by now I am big on using layers in Adobe Illustrator CS3. I know a lot of people who do not use layers, that's a big mistake when designing Banners online. You should make a layer as often as you need to keep your artwork separate. Without layers I would not have been able to accomplish anything here today. Custom Banner design simply requires it. So let's add a new layer, and it's going to be the freedom text layer. Now I'm going to hit tab twice, then select my type tool, let's now go up to the command bar and set our font type to Impact, and let's set a font size of 600 points. Now let's type out the text "FIREWORKS" now let's drag it into our banner design, write about here. Try this trick, go to the layers palette and select ALT, and click right here. That will lock all the banner of layers except the one you are working on. That looks good except now let's add a blend mode to this. Alright let's go to the transparency palette now and select a different blend mode, and I've chosen Hard Light as my blend mode for this banner.


Banner Maker Finishing Touches in banner design

Banner Makers can see a little bit of the fireworks coming through this text right here. You can move this text around a little bit if you like. See where on the banner it looks best. Remember banner printing should force good positioning of the banner makers objects. Banner signs are not really difficult to design its just it takes a lot of patience when using blend modes. As a long time banner maker myself I designed the banners online for years. As far as this banner design goes well that's good enough, and sometimes you just have to say "That's Good Enough".


end of video transcript
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