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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 10

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 10.

Welcome back folks to another lesson on designing Banners in Adobe Illustrator CS3. We have a little bit of cleanup work to do here in the layers palette. I want to turn the comments layer off. And rename layer 6, "Fireworks". Let me reset my palettes, now, my next step is going to be to drag the fireworks layer below the background layer of this Custom Banner. A banner maker needs to be watchful when designing full color vinyl graphics. Now this layer disappeared but remember blend modes? What we are going to do is change the blend mode to the background layer, then it will interact with the fireworks layer to produce an interesting effect for our Custom Banner. I think a good blend mode for this will be "Hard Light". That looks good, now, I'm going to reset my palettes again then let me resize my fireworks layer. Let me select the fireworks layer, hide my palettes, let me zoom out, let me hide the selection outlines to this custom banner, let me hit the "E" key to get the free transform function for this banner maker. Let's go ahead and play with this, resizing until we get the look we want. Now this works good for birthday banners, as well as banners signs.


A Banner Maker Delight, More about Blending.

Try and concentrate on getting a good look out of this fireworks layer. Adjust the position of the Custom Banner until you get a look that you like. Okay, that looks good. After playing around with its position a bit I have decided that its current position on the banner is the best a banner maker could hope for. Now we're going to draw a clipping mask, that's right another clipping mask. This way you will not see the part of the fireworks layer that we do not want as part of the banner. You're going to draw this clipping mask on layer number six so make sure you have this layer selected. Custom banner design gets interesting when you do this. Reset your palettes then get the rectangle tool and draw from corner to corner creating the clipping mask. Now what we have done is created a clipping mask that straddles the border and prevents the banner from printing the part of the layer that we do not want visible. Printed banners work well with clipping masks. This especially applies to outdoor banners as they are more likely to be viewed from a distance.


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