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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 9

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 9.

Alright then I guess it's time to tell you what this project is all about. What this is is a Custom Banner for the Patriot Fireworks Company. As you can see we have George Washington, The Father of Our Country, representing the "Patriot", in our Banner theme. However, we have nothing to represent the word "Fireworks". What banner maker worth his salt would not provide some graphics of fireworks? Let's go find some clipart to represent the fireworks in this design. And we're going to do so once again in Microsoft PowerPoint. This Banner design needs some full-color fireworks to enhance the project. As you can see I've already found some decent clipart right here on going to do now is selected then copy it to the clipboard, then go back into Adobe Illustrator CS3 and paste it onto its own layer. Okay, I wanted to go between the background layer and the George layer, so with the background layer selected I'm going to click on the "create a new layer" button. You see now we've created a layer right here above the background layer on this banner but below the George layer. All right now I'm going to paste it onto its own layer and as I do you can barely see it right here. Now we want this Custom Banner to not only represent a full color banner but also a printable banner. Now if you hold down the E key on your keyboard you will get the free transform function and we can resize this banner any way we see fit. Remember that if you hold down the Alt. Key when you resize you will be re-sizing the banner from the center. Now let me move this clipart over to the edge of this banner and now I want to duplicate it. To duplicate this clipart simply selected hold down the Alt. Key while dragging then release.


Banner Maker uses Reflect Tool In Designing Custom Banners

That produces a copy of the object. Now our custom banner design has a great looking fireworks layer. Now going to turn off some layers and if I want to solo a layer I'm going to hold down the Alt key when I click on this eyeball. Now why want to do? What I want to do now is go to the transform menu and select reflect and I want to reflect it, and I want to reflected vertically, but this time I'm going to hit the copy button so the custom banner will have a new fireworks object that I can work with at the same time it will reflect that object. Now what I'm going to do, is to move this banner design over to right here. Now let's zoom in, you can see it still selected so, what the banner maker should do now is to use the left arrow key to move this fireworks layer to the left. The reason I'm doing that is because I want these gradients here to match in this banner. Nearly we'll wait to do it is to reflect it. But it's kind of obvious now that this is a reflected copy. So I'm going to get my group selection tool and get rid of some of these elements so they don't line up so exactly with this copy. I'm going to hit control "H" to see what I'm doing. As I delete portions of the Custom Banner it begins to look better. So just select parts of the group and hit the delete key. This is the beauty of the group selection tool, you can just spend all the time you want clicking on objects, and parts of banners, and delete them. You can also try using the lasso tool, and marquee around objects and delete them that way. But the real banner maker will always go to the group selection tool. What we're doing here is going to make the banner look a little more organic, like this other layer was not copied from. Let me now turn on the other layers and to do that I'm just going to ALT>CLICK on this layer right here. Now you can see this Custom Banner with all of its layers turned on.


end of video transcript
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