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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 8

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners in Adobe Illustrator CS3, chapter 8.

Alright, I like to take just a moment to do a little housekeeping, let me show you what I'm talking about. I'm going to rename this layer, "Patriot", so just double-click on it and type in patriot. All banner makers should be aware of this procedure when designing Banners online. Now, the next thing I want to do is duplicate this border, and the reason I'm going to duplicate this border is to put another border on this custom banner design that overlays George's head. Very simply go to the Banners layer palette click on this layer, which is the background layer, open up the background layer and select this path, now this path rep resents the banner's border. A banner maker should consider using this other layer and placing it above George. And whenever you click on this little chip here to make a new layer it's going to ask you whether or not you want to name your Custom Banner. Anyway, it's going to add that layer directly above the layer you have highlighted so that's why I clicked on this banner layer first. Now, let's rename this layer Top Banner. Now to duplicate that path click on this little meatball right here then hold down the alternate key and drag up to this layer right here. That'll duplicate the Banners border. Now what I want to do with that path selected I want to get rid of any fill. That will leave just the stroke representing this Custom Banner border. Now we are going to move on and talk about blend modes. My goal with this next lesson is to allow us to see through the patriot layer to see some of George. We can accomplish this easily with blend modes.


Banner Maker and using Blend Modes in your Banner Designs

To start out with let me select the patriot layer, If you're a banner maker go to the transparency palette now and now with the patriot layer selected it control "H." that were you can see this banner just had the selection outlines hidden, now I'm going to hit control H again, now go to the transparency palette and change the blend mode to multiply. Now on this banner you can see through the patriot layer to George. Banner Makers will see what this does, blend modes we act with the layers beneath it. That's why in this Custom Banner you can now see through the patriot layer down to George. You can try different combinations of the blend modes here if you like. I personally like the multiply blend mode, it is one of the most useful and I think you'll find yourself using it quite often. Any banner maker would do well to learn these techniques. In our next lesson we will discover some more useful techniques with regard to blend modes. We will design a custom banner and working to use the theme of a church banner, and that's coming up in the very next lesson.


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