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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 7

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 7.

This is chapter 7 in our series of Custom Banner design, and it's titled opacity masking. I approach this with trepidation folks, but here we go. To get started I want to bring a piece of banner clipart into this design and we're going to do the same thing as we did in lesson three and that's go to the Microsoft website via PowerPoint and steal some of their clipart. And I've already done it, I selected this good patriot, George Washington, father of the country. So I'm going to copy him from Microsoft PowerPoint and paste them into Adobe Illustrator CS3. I have to be careful where I pasted him though on this Custom Banner so let's go to the layers palette and I want to paste him onto his own layer and I want that layer to be above the background layer but below the patriot layer so with this banner later highlighted I'm going to hit Control V on the keyboard in that way bring George Wright in there. Now I want to double-click on the layer and name it George. Now you can see George right there folks. Let me turn this layer off because it's just going to get in the way. This works best for buying a cheap banner online. Now hit the "E" key to get the free transform function. And let's enlarge George. Now we want to face George the other way so I want you to get the reflect tool and reflect him horizontally and now that will work just fine. George is now facing the opposite way which is what we want for this Custom Banner. Custom banner design is complicated work with the correct tools it becomes much simpler and a cheap banner is better than no banner keep that in mind when ordering Banners online. Okay now let's move George over your to the right side of the banner because that's where he is going to end up residing. Its place him approximately where we want him to go. Now, with the George later highlighted, first let me move this palette over here because I'm going to need you to be able to see a few of my palettes, let's expand the transparency palette, okay, working on the George later still, let's get the rectangle tool, I want you to draw a rectangle on this custom banner, straddling the border, just like this, and on all sides not including the left side. They want to fill this rectangle with white which it did because this banner is white, no that's not right because it's the color we need for this Banners opacity mask. Let me zoom in a little bit and make sure that I'm in the correct place straddling the border and I am.

Banner Maker and using Opacity Masks in your Banner Designs

Now let's open the George layer up now I want to select both the rectangle and George in this banner sign now I want to go to the drop-down menu and say "make opacity mask". All right now, what just happened while Adobe Illustrator CS3 knows what to do during the Custom Banner design, you can see here is the opacity mask that just occurred, we just created this. Advertising banners always work to the benefit of those who use them, even if the design is less than palatable. Adobe Illustrator CS3 is here to help you make that banner design better. Now we go into a discussion about making the opacity mask and dragging a gradient from black to white to make George visible on top and not visible on bottom. What this does is allows us to excel in our banner design while the competition founders. Now here's the tricky part, we want to use a gradient to make part of George visible and part of George not visible so here's how we do it. Now when it comes to drawing opacity masks the banner maker should remember that white represents transparency and black represents opacity. So wear this mask is white we will see through to George where it's black we will not. When setting up for your opacity mask make sure that your black color stop in the gradient is a fully rich black. To do that first select the color stop then the banner maker should go to the color menu and move all the RGB sliders to zero. That will ensure that your black is void of all luminosity and in doing so you will have a completely opaque stop. So now with the gradient tool and the opacity mask selected in your transparency palette dry your gradient on top of George until you're satisfied. And that's it that's how you can make a Custom Banner with a custom gradient. By designing your own full-color banners and Adobe Illustrator CS3 you will be a step ahead of the competition. You saw what we can do with this cheap banner.

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