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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 6

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 6.

This lesson in Custom Banner design is about the group selection tool in Adobe Illustrator. I want to show you another trick you can do when designing Banners using the group selection tool in Adobe Illustrator. And it involves getting rid of all these black fills here, I don't think I want to soak to do that, I want to turn all of these black fills into red fills to match this part right here. Now with the group selection tool selecting one of them, and now with one of them selected go to the select menu and choose select same. What that does is it selects all those black fills of the banner, and now grab the eye dropper tool and click on this red right here.

Banner Maker and using the group selection tool in your Banner Design

That will change the black fills of this Custom Banner into red ones. Now I want all banner makers to resize this and the easiest way to do it is from the layers palette so select everything using the group selection tool and then hit the "E" key. And then if you're a banner maker you can transform it at will in the Custom Banner will take a look because you are controlling the size of this object inside of your banner. Now we can also change the proportions by dragging a corner handle any way we like. When designing a cheap banner this is the way to do it.
I want to do is move the dot on this I up. So I select it, and then just hit the up arrow key a few times and there you go. Now you can hit control zero to see the entire banner again. That looks really good. The next thing we do is talk about making an opacity mask and that's a difficult subject when it comes to Custom Banner creation. So we're going to pause here and pick it up in our next lesson.

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