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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 5

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 5.

Alright then, the next thing we want to do is remove some of these elements for more Custom Banner. We want to remove some elements from this flag here to help us in our custom banner design. We don't really have to because we're going to be using a clipping mask to hide the outer elements, that is to say the design elements that extend beyond the edge of our banner will become invisible because of our clipping mask. Advertising banners and use clipping masks are always appreciated. Now I like to show you the benefit of this group selection tool. This entire flag here is one big group if you'd like to eliminate elements of that group just grab the group selection tool and you can easily do that. When I can use this flagpole so the group selection tool is an easy way to clean up elements in our banner design. It's a good way to isolate and get rid of things. Let me make sure this is one Custom Banner group and I can see that it is. Sometimes it's easier just to hit control G. that way you make sure it's grouped. Now let's make a clipping path out of some text. So grab the banner text tool and follow along. Now type in "Impact" and that's the font we want. Let me set the font size to 800 points here. And when judging distance that is to say viewing distance, in other words how far will my banner be viewed from. Well only you can answer that but Banners viewed from the street normally need at least 5 inch letters to be viewable. A good rule of thumb is for every 1 inch of letter height the text is readable at 10 feet. So when designing Banners for outdoor viewing consider the distance from the street to the Custom Banner and when you're designing text keep this rule of thumb in mind. Okay now if you follow along just type in the word "patriot". Now that's not going to be big enough but we can only enlarge live text just so much.

Banner Maker and using clipping masks in you Banner Design

What a banner makers needs to do here is turn this text into outlines. To turn it into outlines just select this text and hit control "O" on your keyboard. Now you can resize this text to any size you want large enough to cover your entire banner design. Now a banner maker can see this text here and what that operation did was turn this text into seven individual compound paths. Now to make that into one continuous compound path go to the object menu and select path, then select create compound path. And there you have it. Now with everything finished I'm going to go ahead and assign it a black stroke just so we can see the mask. Let's now move it over this flag in the approximate place that I want to make the clipping path for the banner and then select both of them, go to object, clipping mask, make. And there you have it. Now we still have to do some work on this banner but we are well on our way. We want to now group this together and moving on to our banner design. Now our Custom Banner has the flag and the patriot group. If control H. on your keyboard and not get rid of your selection outlines, while still keeping its selected. Now I want to do some work on this patriot text entity that we have the isolated by going to the layers palette and selecting just the patriot layer. Now you can see the text in our banner design. Now the next thing we want to do is select a flag which is inside the clipping group of the Custom Banner. Let's say we want to change its location, maybe see if it looks better on the opposite side of our banner. Remember designing banners signs is challenging to begin with. You can see that we can move that flag independent of our text. You can also hit "E." and transform it. That way you can show just the part of the flag that you want people to see through the little windows of these letters. When designing a cheap banner this really comes in handy. There, let's close up the layers palette, now I want to resize the whole thing so I'm in the select the entire clipping group from the layers palette. I want to see the selection outlines so I'm going to hit control H. on this banner, I'm going to hit "E" to get the free transform function, I'm going to grab a corner handle while holding down the shift key, let me close my layers palette for this Custom Banner there, I'm happy with that.

end of video transcript
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