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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 4

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 4.

Okay we are going to go down a slightly different path in Custom Banner design here. To do that what I'd like to have you do is select the path we just made him change your fill color to this grey right here change your banner stroke color to blue assuming you have my swatches palette and now the next thing I want to do is lighten up this grey banner background color. As you can see in my swatches palette this grey is as light as it gets but we can make a lighter tint out of it. To do that simply go to the banner design color palette, make sure that your fill chip is on top as opposed to your stroke chip, and now grab any one of the RGB sliders and move it to the right but before you do that, hold down the shift key. Now by holding down the shift key you will be creating a tint of your base color. Coloring Banners this method is very easy you can produce many different tints. To make a lighter tint move the slider to the right, and to make it darker tint move the slider to the left. I'm going to move the slider to the right and produce a lighter tint, there just like that and that's a pretty banner. Any advertising banner looks better when the correct tint is applied to it. Now let's move on to the more exciting part of this lesson and that's downloading banner clipart. Question, what's the best way to get clipart into your Custom Banner designs? Well the answer in my book is from Microsoft PowerPoint. So let's open up PowerPoint and use their banner clipart library.

Banner Makers adding clipart to Your Banner Design

As an experienced banner maker and licensed user of PowerPoint you can go get all the free high-quality banner clipart you want. This makes designing your Banners much simpler because of the wealth of resources available. Wholesale banners also will benefit from this. Now from inside PowerPoint go to the clipart menu of go over here and type in US flag. That's what banner makers are searching for, now click on go and you'll see all the different flags and banner flags. Now the best file type you can pull out of fear or WMF files. So deselect the other boxes in your search will return only WMF clipart. Which is perfect for banner design. Okay now find the flag you like, within the scroll down and find one that we think will look good in our banner design. Let's choose one that looks kind of wavy, right here. Okay let's take this one now you can click on any of them and bring them into art banner design quite simply. Now we are ready to move this clipart into Adobe Illustrator CS3 so just select the and hit control see on your keyboard. Now go back into Adobe Illustrator and hit CNTR V and your clipart will be pasted into your banner design. Printable banners work best this way. Make sure you paste to the correct layer I don't want to put it on the background layer I want to put it on this layer because I want it on its own layer. Now you have to drag this layer of of the banner background to see it. Now if your layers palette does not have nice big thumbnails you can adjust it, which I recommend because it makes the Custom Banner design much easier. So if you select palette options and go to the file menu to easily see that adjusting the size of the chip is right here, now your custom banner design is much simpler. Now that we have such a big preview it may not be necessary to name your layer, but I like to do it anyway let's call this banner layer wholesale banners for sale. This layer is going to end up being a clipping path for our banner so I'm going to go ahead and name it now. Okay now let's enlarge our Custom Banner and to do that bring up the transform power then click and drag on the banners corner handle.

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