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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 3

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 3.

Okay ladies and gentlemen let's start designing a banner. First thing I wanted to though is close out this banner we just started an open one up using our Custom Banner templates. Let's choose this 4 x 10 template then assign it the Adobe RGB 1998 profile. Now normally what I do when I open a new file, just to avoid confusion, all right so with that done what I wanted to his naked banner with a one and a half inch inset border. To do that let me show you, get the rectangle tool, make sure smart guides are turned on and the keyboard shortcut for that is control "U." that makes it easy to grab a corner. So click and drag to the opposite corner of the Custom Banner you working on. Now to verify you have a 48" x 120" banner go to the transform palette and you can see yes that is what we just drew. Now let's close that and make the background color yellow, nothing better than a yellow banner, let's make the stroke black, I always like to use a black stroke on a yellow banner. Now this is a special rich black that is available in our custom color palette if you downloaded our banner templates.

Banner Maker creating a Custom Banner Inset Border

This rich black prints real nice on our printer and that's another good reason why banner makers should use our banner templates. Now let's change the stroke to 1/2, hit enter, now what we have here, is a one and a half inch stroke and stroke on the middle of the path. Unfortunately half of that stroke now lies off of the banner art board. So this half of that stroke is not going to print, that's not good if you're making a Custom Banner for a paying customer. However, a banner maker can easily fix that in Adobe Illustrator CS3. What we do is select two stroke only the inside of the path. That's this button right here. So let's do that, and now you can see that the entire stroke will print on this banner and we will have a nice border. Now hit control zero, which is a nice keyboard shortcut to put the entire banner on screen, so now we can see the whole thing. Now let's say we want to inset that border. When thinking custom Custom Banner design always think inset border it's a nice design touch that your clients will appreciate. Now we're not really going to can set the path what we're going to do is inset the stroke of that path. So go to the appearance palette and then go to the offset Path command and type in -1 inch. Now let's preview that, what it's actually doing is not off setting the path by offsetting the stroke and that's good when making cheap banners. Now just click on okay and looks close at palette down and preview the final design of this Custom Banner.

end of video transcript
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