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Custom Banner Design,Chapter 2

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transcript of video presentation

Designing Banners In Adobe Illustrator CS3, Chapter 2.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, now if you've decided to opt out of downloading our banner templates let me show you how to build this Custom Banner from scratch. Okay, what you do from the welcome screen you'll select basic RGB document, that's correct folks RGB, I think it's best we avoid a discussion on color management here it's a very large topic but let's suffice it to say that my printer will do a better job matching colors if you use the RGB profile. Now give your custom Custom Banner a name, I'm going to call it 4 x 10 banner. Then set the dimensions of the banner you are ordering, make sure you do that so there will be no confusion in what size banner your order. I remember work at 1 to 1 dimensions that way your Custom Banner will not have to be scaled at all when we go to print. You can see here were ordering a 4 x 10 banner, remember to set your units inches, remember we like to build cheap banners in inches. Set your raster effects to 150 dpi. Creating Banners is best done at that resolution. Then click on okay. And there's your banner.

Banner Maker and Setting up your Banner Workspace

That's the arc or that it setup for the banner maker and that's going to be the basis for design. Now one last thing I wanted to do before we start designing is go to the edit menu and assign it the Adobe RGB 1998 profile. Click on okay, in beds that profile and your Custom Banner will be ready to go. Now when I received your banner our color will match your color and everyone will be on the same page. And now banner makers should go on with some design right after these commercial words.

end of video transcript
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