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Vinyl Banners Information Dallas Texas

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The information provided below is general in nature and in part representative of the current banner and sign use restrictions for the municipality listed above. The information represents common concerns that one should consider when ordering vinyl banners or signs online.

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For information on vinyl banner and sign use restrictions please visit the website listed below.

Sign and Banner Regulations for Dallas Texas


Considerations When Ordering Vinyl Banners and Signs in Dallas Texas:

The information below is culled from various sources and in part represents the laws of Dallas Texas. It's purpose is to represent some of the common concerns one should consider when ordering banners online.

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Please visit the Dallas Texas municipal code for actual sign and vinyl banner regulations Sign and Banner Regulations for Dallas Texas

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e. Signs affixed to the face of a wall may extend upward beyond the roof of a building without being considered a roof sign, provided: (i) the vertical extension beyond the roof line is limited to twenty-five (25) percent of the overall height of that wall; or (ii) the bannerdoes not include flat display area, but is instead constructed of three-dimensional elements.
f. A singular roof banner may be permitted if constructed as a singular architectural element which displays only the name of a development.
g. Any wall signs proposed on building elevations that are arranged around a central courtyard or open-air pedestrian space which are not visible from a public right-of-way are not subject to regulations of this chapter.
h. When presented as part of a comprehensive bannerprogram on any development with more than two hundred (200) feet of frontage on an arterial highway, the height of a freestanding bannermay exceed fifteen (15) feet, but is limited to thirty-two (32) feet, or the maximum height to the roof of any building that is part of the same development, whichever is less. However, any bannerhigher than fifteen (15) feet is subject to the setback for all structures in that same zone, and a landscaped planter must be provided around the base of the sign.
i. The number and spacing of freestanding vinyl banners may differ from those otherwise permitted by this chapter, so long as bannerproposals do not exceed limits for aggregate display area, maximum display area and structural height.
j. Where developments have an internal circulation system of private two-way streets and more than forty (40) tenants, on-site directional signs may be permitted to a maximum display area of two hundred twenty (220) square feet and maximum height of twenty (20) feet, when located more than one hundred (100) feet from an arterial street or residential development. Directional vinyl banners are intended to assist motorists and keep traffic flowing through large parking facilities, and should therefore be limited to directional instructions and simple graphics, including section area titles, left or right turn arrows, and tenant names (if desired by the applicant) using a uniform or consistent size and style text.
k. Any bannerprogram is subject to initial review and recommendation by DebannerReview Committee (DRC). bannerapplications for individual tenants will be subject to final approval by DRC unless the vinyl banner program is specific in describing the height, width and debannercomponents of signs for each tenant space.
l. bannerprograms for sites located in Old Towne will comply with bannerregulations for Old Towne.

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