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If you need banners in New York City we recommend familiarizing yourself with the information below. We have compiled some information regarding sign and banner regulations for New York.

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The information provided below is general in nature and in part representative of the current banner and sign use restrictions for the municipality listed above. The information represents common concerns that one should consider when ordering vinyl banners or signs online.

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For information on vinyl banner and sign use restrictions please visit the website listed below.

Website for New York New York

Sign and Banner Regulations for New York New York

Considerations When Ordering Vinyl Banners and Signs in New York:

The information below is culled from various sources and in part represents the laws of New York New York. It's purpose is to represent some of the common concerns one should consider when ordering banners online.

Please visit the New York New York municipal code for actual sign and vinyl banner regulations Sign and Banner Regulations for New York New York

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CITY PLANNING COMMISSION NYC re signs and banners Borough of Manhattan

City of New York, New York- relating to City Charter, Article and Chapter concerning sign and banner regulations for Theaters
Community District 4, 5, and 7, Borough of Manhattan.
Zoning Resolution was filed to update the permitted allowance of signs and/or vinyl or cloth banners to allow projection up to4'6"
across the street within one-half mile of the Theater district and also containing more than 2two theaters being designed for live performances.
The proposed and contained amendment would modify the set provisions of this Section
by allowing additional projection of permitted banners on zoning lots, said lots to be occupied by not less than 2 theaters which are designed , and used for live theatrical performances in M1, M2 or M3 zones and located within
1/2 mile of the Theater district of the Special Midtown Manhattan District. The proposal would allow
Banners to project across the street line but not exceeding 4'6", provided the height of any such
banner does not exceed fifty-five feet above curb level.
The current regulations as enforced at this time, governing projection of banners in this section allow permitted banners to project
from the street line no more than 1 8 inches for double sided banners or twelve inches for all other
banners , with exceptions for specific manufacturing districts.
Regulations for most theaters in these districts would only affect those zoning lots that are
currently occupied by more than 2 theaters arranged, and used exclusively for live performances which are located
within 1/2 mile of the Midtown Theater district. Changes shall not alter the total amount of allowable signage (6 times
the street frontage) permitted in these currently regulated districts.
The proposed text amendment would allow signage that projects across the
street line for the theater.
The text amendment represents an enlarging in projection of signage banners and therefore be applicable
to a limited area to zoning lots with greater than two theaters. Pleaces affected by the proposed sign and banner
zoning amendment include the Garment Center District, as well as a portion of the Special Midtown Theater District
between Fifth avenue and Sixth Avenue, a small portion of the Clinton District west of Tenth
Av, and the area in which the Theater building is located, specifically between Ninth and Eleventh Avenues. Additionally, The
M districtsincluding theaters would improve the visibility of signage banners for theaters located outside of the Special Theater District.


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