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Raster and Vector Graphics - What's the Difference?

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transcript of video presentation - Raster and Vector Images Discussed

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am Steve Potter, Adobe Certified Expert and owner Of the Rocket Banner Company. Welcome to the age old battle of the vector versus raster graphics and we are here to settle it once and for all. I can tell you when we're going big, when were going banner size graphics, it's vector artwork that wins every time. Raster-based graphics are things you are familiar with they include JPEG's, TIFF's, GIFF's, etc. The trouble with raster art is that they are defined by pixels and although great in continuous tone images they are resolution dependent and scaling results in a loss of resolution. Let me demonstrate, now zooming in has the exact same effect as enlarging. So then let me zoom in on this raster-based image, this logo, and as you can see as we zoom in the pixels just get larger and larger, you can see that in this stair stepping affect. When you enlarge something to the size of a banner that's going to show up. The better way to go is vector artwork. The vector artwork is created in illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and a few other obscure programs out there. The beauty of it is it's line art. You see? Let me zoom in here, now what line art is is a series of anchor points connected by straight lines and curves, to the straight lines and curves we apply attributes known as fill and stroke. That's what gives the artwork its appearance. The beauty of this is that it is fully scalable. You can see here as I zoom in, no matter how much I zoom in, no matter how much I enlarge when it comes to printing a banner it's always going to print razor-sharp. So there you have it folks when you're going big you want to go vector.

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