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Photoshop CS4-Refine Edge Dialog

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transcript of video presentation - Refine Edge

Refine Edge


Okay folks, we are going to use this image, yet again. This time, it’s called REFINE-EDGE.PSD. You can download it from the website to follow along.

The reason we want to use this image again is because we have already got this nice path here, in the paths palette, this vector-based path. It’s going to allow me to quickly and easily demonstrate the Refine Edge dialog box, without having to make another selection.

So click on this thumbnail right here, and there’s your vector-based path again. You already saw this in the Pen Tool lesson and the Anti-Aliasing (if there is such a word) lesson.

So with that path now selected by clicking on it, go ahead and make a selection out of it, right there, and for demonstration purposes, I want you to leave Anti-Alias unchecked this time.

Normally I would anti-alias everything but I am going to leave it unchecked to demonstrate the Refine Edge dialog box. Okay, now as you can see, what happened here is everything but the Prius is selected.

So hit CTRL + SHIFT + I, on your keyboard, I for invert, we have just inverted that selection. And now we have just the car selected.

Now let’s go to the Refine Edge dialog box and get to work refining that selection. And here is the Refine Edge dialog box.

And one thing I want to point out, all of these settings are remembered from the last time we used it. So reset everything to zero. And that means the contract/expand slider should be right in the middle here. Okay, and then let’s go ahead and zoom in to, let’s say about this area right here. You can see the stair-stepping occurring on the car.

Now, there are several different ways you can view the selection. One of them is the marching ants display. Another is the Quick Mask mode, which we talk about in another lesson, and here is your selection on a black background, on a white background, and as an alpha channel, or a grayscale mask here.

So what is best to use? Well, normally, you want to consider what the final destination is. And since we are going to be moving this car into an image, on a dark colored background, I want to use this selection on a black background. That will work best for us. Vinyl Banners

Okay, let me say folks, every case is different, so the best way to get a good solution when refining an edge is to play around.

But I will tell you this: the one that I find most useful, or the combination I find most useful is the Smooth in conjunction with the Feather command. And what the Smooth is, it does the exact same thing as anti-alias, except you have more control over the amount that you are giving.

Let me zoom in here and I will show you what I am talking about. Watch me add some Smooth to it. All I am doing here is partially selecting pixels, you see? If you saw the Anti-Alias movie, I am doing the exact same thing here.

And now if I use Feather with that, what I am going to do is blur the edge. Okay, I am going to move some transparent pixels in and out, from where the edge lies right now. Let me show you.

So I am just blurring the edge a little bit. And [that will] usually, I want to use just a real small amount of Feather. Okay…

And if you look up here, Radius does the same thing as Feather. Okay, so I normally use some Smooth with some Feather. That’s a little too much, I think. There we go. And then I will say OK.

I go up to 100% by hitting CTRL + 1 on the keyboard. And now, I am going to move this selection to its own layer by hitting CTRL + J.

Now I am going to take a look at that on a black background and to do that, hold down the CTRL key and create a new layer. That will create a new layer UNDER the layer you have selected.

Let’s fill that layer with black by hitting ALT + BACKSPACE, and there you have it. There’s my selection. You can see what a nice job it did making a real clean edge.

So there you have it, folks: the Refine Edge dialog box [clapping].


end of video transcript
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