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Photoshop CS4-Quick Mask Mode

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transcript of video presentation - creating selections with the Quick Mask Mode


And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.  Today’s lesson is going to be on the Quickmask mode of creating and refining selections in Adobe Photoshop CS4. I think most people use the Quickmask mode to refine a selection, rather than create them from scratch, but that’s not true in all cases. But what we are going to do here today is demonstrate refining a selection using the Quickmask Mode.

So to do that, let’s get started. You can download this image right here from our website, BIRD-FLYING.JPG. And once you get that all set up, go ahead and grab this tool right here, this, (I can’t remember the name of it) Magic Wand tool (see that shows you how often I use it). And then we are going to go ahead and select the background image, and if you don’t have your options set the way I do, all you have to do is go over here and right-click on the tool and hit Reset Tool, and that will set you up just like I have it here. You can go ahead and click on the background, okay, and then hold down your SHIFT key and click a couple other places until you get most, if not all of the background selected.  Now we want to invert that selection by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + I. That’s going to invert the selection so now we have this seagull selected. (Or, most of the seagull.) And to get the rest of it, we are going to refine this selection using the Quickmask mode. Very easy to do folks. Hit this little icon right here, and we are going to be editing in Quickmask. Alternatively, just hit the Q key on your keyboard, and that brings up the Quickmask mode.

Now, what are you looking at here? Well, where you are seeing the image, that’s the selected area. Where you are seeing that magenta, or often referred to as a RUBYLITH overlay, that is the protected or masked area. So what you can do here, to add to the selection, you paint with white. Alright. So I want you to go ahead and set your foreground and background colors, alright, to white as your foreground, starting out, and black as your background. Vinyl Banners

And if they are not set up like that just hit D on your keyboard, and that will set your default colors. What D does actually is it sets black as your foreground color. We want to switch that to white, because we are going to start out by adding to the selection.

Then I want you to get a hard-edged brush.  Here’s the Brush tool, right here, go ahead and click on that, select the Brush tool, and then come up here and select a hard-edged brush. So just move your slider all the way to the right, and start with a pixel diameter of about 8. It should work out pretty good. And now we are going to add to the selection, right here on the bird’s back.

Let’s zoom into this area by holding down the CTRL key and the SPACEBAR at the same time and then marqueeing around this area. And here we go. Alright, so let’s just start painting now, make sure you have white as your foreground color, and then just start painting. And now we are painting in selection, okay? Very easy to do. Let me show you a good trick to use, because sometimes, unless you are working with a Wacom tablet, it’s kind of hard to use the mouse to paint, so let me give you a little trick here: if you click, and then move down the edge a little bit, and hold down shift and click, you can make a, kind of a line, you know what I am trying to say, folks, and that will save you having to drag your mouse, which is easy to slip with.

If you’ve got a steady hand you can do it. I like to click, though. Okay, there you go, let’s zoom in a little bit here, going to have to get a little bit more accurate, here. We’re getting down to pixel level here.

Okay and let’s say I slipped a little bit and went outside the area – OOPS!—Okay, now I am going to have to switch my foreground color to black, and paint some of that mask back in. Alright. It’s very simple to work in the Quickmask mode, folks. Down here, we can add to the selection a little bit, so hit X on your keyboard, it’s going to change your foreground color to white, and then you just paint in your selection.

Quickmask mode is an excellent way to refine an edge. You can use a soft edge brush and that will give you a soft edge. Okay? Let me show you that. You just go ahead and soften the brush down, and let me show you that in the…

You make a little bit larger brush by hitting the RIGHT BRACKET  ]  key. Now I have a larger brush. Let me go along here.  And you can see what a soft edge it’s making. You can see that also if you click on the channels palette, you’ll see the quickmask right here, that Photoshop created in the channels palette

Go ahead and turn off the RGB here and you will see that as a grayscale image. And you can see that soft edge that we are making right now, because we switched to a soft brush.

I normally work with a hard brush, but that’s an option for you. Right there, okay.  Let’s go ahead and go back to the RGB image, and fix up this here. Hit X, paint back in, lower my brush size by hitting the LEFT BRACKET  [  key, and I am going to paint in some DESELECTION, or add to the mask.  Okay, and look at the edge here, a little bit. I don’t want to spend too much time on it. Let me hit CTRL + 1 n the keyboard, and there you have it. Let’s exit the Quickmask mode by hitting Q, and there’s your normal selection, the marching ant display that you are used to seeing. Let’s go to the layers palette now.

And with the background layer selected, hit CTRL + J, that will jump the selection to its own layer. And you can do whatever you want with it. You can apply a filter to it.  Let’s just do anything here. Let’s just take the first one that shows up: colored pencil.

You can move that into another image, you can keep it in this image, whatever you like.  But there it is, folks, the Quickmask mode, a very easy way to refine a selection.




end of video transcript
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