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Vinyl Banner Ordering Problems

Vinyl Banner Ordering Problems

14. Q. I can not add my banner to the shopping cart.

A. If you press select "add to cart" from inside the designer and instead of being directed to your shopping cart you get an error message stating, "Path parameter is missing or incorrect, can't get needed file" or there is an element of your design that is missing from the proof in your shopping cart (i'm refering to an image you may have uploaded and added to your design which is now not present in your online proof) then 1 of 2 things has happened. First, you may have added an image to your design that is corrupted, probably during upload. To test for this remove any images that you added to your design and try adding the banner to you shopping cart again. If it goes thru this time that is indeed your problem. Try uploading the image again, if it was corrupted during the upload process it might work this time. If you can't get your image to work in our designer after your second upload attempt then it is permanently corrupted and you won't be able to use it in your design. You might instead consider using one of our 500,000 pieces of high quality clip art available from within the designer.

The other reason clients are sometimes unable to complete a banner purchase is because they are on a high security network, usually at their place of employment.


can your sign shop do this?

Can Your Sign Shop Do This?

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Author: Steven Potter

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