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transcript of video presentation - custom banner, summary

Okay folks let's go ahead and add a border to this custom banner design then we are all finished. Let's select the eat fruit layer, it control T. to get the free transform function, we want to resize from the center so grab a corner handle and hold down the shift key and drag. Now to add the border we are going to need to create a new layer so go to the layers palette and hit this add a new layer button. We want to fill this new layer with white so come over to the tools palette and make sure you have white set as your foreground color in this custom banner. Then hit control backspace that fills the layer with white. Now we want to create a black border on this layer, go to the effects menu and select stroke, let's make it a 1 inch border which equals 100 pixels, let stroke it to the inside, let's do a gradient for the stroke. Click on the gradient and let's move the white gradient to the middle, then we need to duplicate this black gradient stop and move it to the far right so we have a three stop gradient now. This will look good in our custom banner design. And there you have it here is our gradient border which really makes our custom banner stand out in a crowd. Now for the rest of the image we have to turn on layer 2 which involves the text layer combined with the "Eat Fruit" layer. All banners involving custom designed such as this are encouraged to use the various methodologies available in Photoshop. Custom banners should be made using all available assets to the designer in this case we've combined all sorts of things.

end of video transcript
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