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transcript of video presentation - custom banner, text

Okay folks, picking up where we left off I just made a few adjustments to the fruit layer so there we are. We want to do is add some more text, so let me get the text tool, and the name of the font I want to add is called "Liberty". I'm going to type, "Natures Candy", now hit control and enter on your keypad, then hit control T. so we can resize it, hold down the shift key so we resize in proportion and drag a corner handle until we get the size we want. Now I want to thicken that font up a little bit to enhance the appearance of our custom banner. I'm going to do that by adding a stroke from the effects menu, so make sure that layer is selected inside your custom banner and go ahead and add the stroke, this enhances your banner design. I'd like to do is move this background layer just a little bit. It's encroaching too much on the banner design and I'm going to move it just a little bit. Now let me go to layer on and expand this, that is to say transform this layer by enlarging it in proportion. That gives our custom banner more of a polished look and are designed is really coming together now. You know an easy way to select this text layer and adjust your text even more is to point at it then hold down the shift and all key and right-click. Now I want to do is merge these two layers first the text layer and then the fruit layer so they become one layer. That makes our design easier to work with.

end of video transcript
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