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Designing Banners in Photoshop chap 4

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transcript of video presentation - custom banner masking

The next thing we want to do ladies and gentlemen is first of all grabbed the type tool, click here in the image of our custom design, select the font Impact, use a font size of about 800 points then type in all CAPs "EAT FRUIT". It's control enter to accept that, and make that text part of our custom banner design. Now we are going to be size this text so hit control key and drag from a corner handle to resize the text and enhance our banner design. Now what we want to do is use this text as a clipping mask for the rest of this layer right here. To do that go to the layers palette, now you want the eat fruit layer under the fruit layer, so drag it underneath, now hold down the old key and click between these two layers and there you have it this text is now masking out the rest of the fruit layer and allowing you to see through only were the text exists. This doesn't nice job in our banner design. Now we want this masked text to pop more so were going to add some text effects to this eat fruit layer to really enhance our custom banner design. So make sure the eat fruit text layer is selected then go to the effects menu and let's add a stroke to this text. Select black as your text color and set a stroke size of about three pixels, actually just adjust the size and till you see something that you like then select okay we ended up with a stroke weight of about 18 pixels you can see now the banner design is really enhance as that text now begins to really stand out in hands in our custom banner. Let's zoom in a little bit and see how it looks, that looks pretty good let's keep in mind you can always re-select the fruit layer and then move around the fruit behind the mask. You can pan that layer around until you find exactly the fruit that you want to view. Now this custom banner is really starting to look good. You can also resize that layer however you like and play with it till you get your design just perfect.

end of video transcript
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