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transcript of video presentation - custom banner layers

Alright folks while we were off camera I went ahead and cloned out the other person that was standing over here. Now we can get started working on the next layer in our custom banner which is this fruit.jpg layer. So let's open it up and drag it into our banner. We do that with the move tool, so select the move tool and then just drag the fruit layer into our custom banner. We need to resize this layer so that control T. on your keyboard and resize it. If you need to keep it in proportion by holding down the shift key. Now go to your layers palette and let's duplicate the layer by dragging layer 2 onto the new layer icon. Now go to the edit menu and with this layer selected go to transform and select flip horizontal. Then move this image over on pixel in your custom banner to hide this overlap. Now the next thing I want to do is merge these two layers so we go to the layers palette and select merge. Now we can manipulate these two layers as if they were on layer inside of our custom banner.

end of video transcript
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