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transcript of video presentation - custom banner cloning

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. The first thing we want to do is to place this background image into the design of our custom banner. To do that select the move tool and then just drag it from here into our custom design. As you can see this image is not quite big enough to fill the entire background of our custom banner. What we need to do is transform this, that is to say enlarge it so it fills the entire background of our design. Use control T. on your keyboard to enlarge this image, hold down the shift key to keep it in proportion and drag a corner handle and enlarge it to fill the entire background of our custom banner. All right, there is the start of our background layer. Now let's get to work cloning out this piece of drift wood from our banner design. Folks you can use the spacebar. By simply holding down the spacebar and dragging you can pan around the image. You can zoom in on the image by holding down the control key with the spacebar and dragging around what you want to zoom in on. Now I want to grab the clone stamp tool, now select an area to clone from, right here is good, hold the ALT key down, that gives you the little target symbol here, then just click and that will establish your source for the clone. With the brush tool selected you can now just paint out whatever it is you want to clone over. You can resample a new source anytime you like and continue to clone until the entire piece of drift wood is gone. To increase your brush size hit the] key, to decrease hit the [key. You can see what it's doing its cloning from right here in getting rid of this ugly piece of drift wood from our custom design. Now you can take as much time as you want to get this perfect but we just want to get in the ballpark and then we'll be finished. Our custom design will look great. Now let me zoom out, we will now go to work cloning out this girl in the bathing suit. Again grab the clone stamp tool and paint her out of your design in the same manner we did with the Driftwood. Now our custom banner is really starting to look good. You can use the clone stamp tool to enhance your design for any banner for instance we can remove these rocks out in the ocean. Simply choose what elements in your custom design you want to get rid of and clone them out it's really that simple. Adobe Photoshop makes custom banner design easy by giving you that tools you need to go to the front of the class and custom banner design.

end of video transcript
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