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transcript of video presentation - custom banner intro

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am Steve Potter, Adobe Certified Expert and owner of the Rocket Banner Company and today your guide into the world of Adobe Photoshop CS3, and how to design custom banners in this advanced software. Now folks these are beautiful banners that you can design yourself in Adobe Photoshop CS3. The first thing you want to do is start a new file and you want to make that file a 1 to 1 design of the custom banner size that you are ordering. In this example go to the file menu and select new, we are going to name this file Custom Banner design number one. Now you can also name this banner "Eat Fruit", as we did here. It's very important that you fill out these boxes correctly. These are the dimension and resolution boxes and you must fill them out correctly in order that we can provide you with an accurate online proof of your custom banner design. In this example let's say we are going to make a 3' x 6' banner, so enter 72 inches for the width, and 36 inches for the height. Such a resolution of 100 pixels per inch. Ladies and gentlemen always use 100 pixels per inch and set the document size to the size of the banner you are ordering. In this case 3' x 6'. Next you want to make sure and set your color mode to work in the RGB color space. Not CMYK. Then click on okay, and there you go, here is the start of our 3 x 6 banner. Now of course it's going to get a lot better than this, but here it is in the beginning. Let me pause here and try to allay some of the fears of you skeptics out there who believe that 100 pixels per inch is not enough resolution when designing for print. This may be true for small items such as business cards, but for large-scale digital prints 100 pixels per inch is more than enough, in fact we can go all the way down to 50 pixels per inch and if viewed at beyond arm's-length you will not see any pixelation. We're going to combine quite a few assets to come up with the finished custom banner design. The first image I would like to open can be found in the Adobe Bridge and it's called beach 03.jpg. Just double-click on it to open it in Photoshop, now I want to assign it the Adobe RGB 1998 color space. This is going to be the background for our custom banner. We're going to do some work on this banner to make it look a little better and give us the custom banner design we expect. The first thing we're going to do is use the clone stamp tool to get rid of this piece of drift wood and these two bathers here.

end of video transcript
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