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Banenr Grades
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Okay folks, I'd like to take this opportunity to explain the difference in the three grades of banner that we offer at the Rocket Banner Company. Those different grades are, 1-the economy banner, 2-the intermediate banner, 3-the premium banner. What makes the difference in the banners are these two things, first, the resolution of the print and second, the amount of Power Tape we use to reinforce the banner. Now this is an economy banner and the economy banner has a low resolution print, which doesn't look bad actually, and it's reinforced only at the grommet holes with power tape. I will explain what Power Tape does in a little more detail when we talk about the intermediate banner. But that's all it has for reinforcing, it does a good job of reinforcing the grommet holes but that's about it. This is by all means not a week banner but it's not anywhere as strong as it could be. And we'll demonstrate that in the discussion of the intermediate and premium vinyl banner. Now here is an intermediate banner. This is also a low resolution print. But, what we do with the intermediate banner is reinforce all four edges with Power Tape. Now Power-Tape is just a miraculous invention for the production of banners. It not only reinforces the edges of your banners but it also makes the edges lay completely flat totally eliminating edge curl. Power-Tape makes your banner look much better than a hemmed banner because you don't get the ugly stitching or the folded over edges. What you get instead is a flat well finished look when you use Power-Tape to finish your banners. Let me show you the backside of this banner again so you can see better how it is reinforced. As you can see the Power-Tape not only reinforces the edges but it is double layered in all four corners. This makes it our banners much stronger. Failure of any banner normally occurs at the grommet holes and double reinforced corners combined with full-length Power-Tape on all edges makes for an extremely strong banner. Okay, now let me talk about the premium banner, which is basically an intermediate banner except with a high resolution print. The Power-Tape reinforcing is the same as with the intermediate banner but what you get is this wonderful high resolution print. What that does ladies and gentlemen is it makes the colors more vibrant. If you compare it to this intermediate banner you can see that color red on the premium banner is just more vibrant than on the intermediate vinyl banner. That's because the spray pattern is more dense coming out of the printer, in other words it's a higher resolution print. Vinyl banners printed this way just look better, the colors have that "Pop".

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