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Vinyl Banner Sizes from 2x4 to 4x20

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Rocket Banner's 51 banner sizes are designed to meet the needs of all clients. We offer 2, 3 and 4 foot banners in lengths up to 20 feet long. Whichever size banner you choose all are made to the up most standards of production. All banners regardless of size are digitally printed on the most modern digital printer available. If you need help determining what banner size is best for you please use the banner size grid below to click around and compare sizes.

Depicted below are renditions of banners to scale. Rapidly click between sizes to compare them. To see actual banner samples visit our samples page.

click on a banner size below to see a "To Scale" rendition
  4 feet wide 5 feet wide 6 feet wide 7 feet wide 8 feet wide 9 feet wide 10 foot wide 11 feet wide 12 foot wide 13 feet wide 14 foot wide 15 feet wide 16 foot wide 17 feet wide 18 foot wide 19 feet wide 20 foot wide
2 feet tall 2x4 2x5 2x6 2x7 2x8 2x9 2x10 2x11 2x12 2x13 2x14 2x15 2x16 2x17 2x18 2x19 2x20
3 feet tall 3x4 3x5 3x6 3x7 3x8 3x9 3x10 3x11 3x12 3x13 3x14 3x15 3x16 3x17 3x18 3x19 3x20
4 feet tall 4x4 4x5 4x6 4x7 4x8 4x9 4x10 4x11 4x12 4x13 4x14 4x15 4x16 4x17 4x18 4x19 4x20
Banner Sizes Compar

Vinyl Banner Sizes Comparison Chart

Our Banner Sizes range for 2x4 up to 4x20 feet. All our banners are Digitally Printed, full color and Gormmetted. Use the size chart to rapidly scroll between banner sizes and get a feel for what size is right for you.

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Determining the right size of banner for you:

Vinyl Banners perform many tasks. Selecting the correct size for your banner takes careful consideration. Perhaps your municipality has restrictions on the square footage that a store front is allowed to display. This is often the case. Banner sizing is frequently restricted by the amount of space a person has to work with. The chart about will help in choosing a banner size that is right for you.

Compare other 10 foot wide banners

compare the 2x10 vinyl banner to the other sizes in the table above
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