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Banner Cleaning

Vinyl Banner Cleaning

Keeping your banner clean puts out a good impression. Our full-color printed  banners are a snap to care for. Rocket Banner recommends using a non-detergent, when needed to clean your vinyl banner. Do not use detergents or other aggressive cleaners, as they can destroy the color print. Use a non-abrasive cloth and avoid all cleaning pads.  

Vinyl banners must be cleansed with wholly un-abrasive methods. It is incumbent not to use any solvents when cleaning your custom vinyl banners. We suggest wiping down your full color banner with a damp and soft cloth, ensuring not to use any abrasive cloths or paper towels when doing so.

If your damp cloth with water will not do it and you need a cleaner, we suggest you use a mild soap/water solution on your custom banner. If you do use some soap, make sure that you remember to rinse with water completely to ensure that all of the soapiness is removed.

It is very important not to use any severe or harsh cleansers or solvents of any kind. Because it may affect the quality of your custom banner. Also, be certain your vinyl banner is dry before putting your custom banner in storage.


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